Monday, November 8, 2010

A Slow Start

The first eight days of My Holiday Novel have gone by with. . .not much. I have written around 1,300 words which is. . .not much. And I am still in the first chapter which is. . . not much. At the same time, I did not set a word count goal for this novel or this challenge so I can't say I'm really behind or anything. I hope to finish chapter 1 by Wednesday, though. I have 10 chapters to get through and possibly an epilogue so I need to get a move on. That's a little more than a chapter a week and it has already been a eight days.

So, not off to a great start with this one but I am off to a start.

As far as the story goes, I do like the plot. I went with the Bible story idea. My novel is third person but I am focusing on a little Egyptian girl who sees firsthand the ten plagues that God inflicts on Egypt. Throughout the story, she begins to loose faith in her gods and goddesses and wants to know more about the Hebrew God.

Turkey day is this month! :)

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