Monday, January 31, 2011

Late and Incomplete

This never happens to me. Ever. I am never late and I always finish what I start. But both have happened this week.

I turned in an almost-3,000 word essay to FEE for the Bastiat Essay Contest on January 15, 2011. The original due date for the contest was December 15, 2010 and they extended the deadline to January 10, 2011. Somehow, I got confused and thought the due date was January 15, 2011 (the day I turned it in). I never ever turn things in late... but five days late? That's pretty bad. And pretty disappointing. So, after spending a good 50+ hours on that essay over my Christmas/New Year's break, I turned the essay in five days late and it will not be considered for the competition this year.


I have not finished My Holiday Novel on time. I am not quite half-way through Ten Plagues (I am on chapter four of ten). So, even if I wrote all day, it wouldn't be complete. But, I kind of saw this happening at the beginning of January (as you might could tell from my 2011 goals). I will finish the first draft of this book sometime in 2011, though. I like the story and the characters and I'll keep working on it. Not completing a project is rare for me, but this time, it just happened. I wrote about 6,300 words these past three months which is probably about 6,000 more than I would have done otherwise. So, this was somewhat successful but it is still incomplete.


  1. Aw well I'm sorry that you didn't make your goal but its ok! I, more then anyone I'm pretty sure, fail at the goals I set for writing. It's a disappointment, but its ok. Just set a new goal and don't get discouraged!

    As for the late, I'm sorry about that :( but more things will come along :)

    Just keep on writing! :D


  2. Sam, you are so sweet! Thanks for the encouragement :) Yeah, both of these failures were disappointing... I'm trying not to dwell on them, though. Goals are just that, goals. And I guess I don't have to make every goal I set, just so long as I tried my best.

    Thanks again, you're such a sweet friend :)

    -Mary Kate

  3. Aw your welcome! I know you'll meet your other goals :)


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