Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 27

My caption: "The right way to write."
Colleen's caption: "Burning the midnight oil!"
What's YOUR caption?
Word count goal for today: 45,000 words
Total word count as of today: 46,667 words
Words ahead: 1,667 words (exactly one day's quota)
46,667th words: Virginia (talking about taking Kelsey to college :))
Days remaining this month: three!
Words left to write to reach 50k: 3,333 words!

It's been an awesome day. I had classes all day, took a walk on my lunch break, watched about an hour of High School Musical (don't judge.), and then wrote! I'm only two day's of word quota away from the 50,000 word finish line! I'm hoping to write a quota in each of the three remaining days though just so I can get more info in there. Who knew writing about yourself could be so easy =P It's been an awesome month!

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