Friday, November 9, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 9 (& one more excerpt...)

Just passed the 15,000 word mark!!! I am currently in September of 1999. My 15,000th word? Racoons. I'm in the middle of talking about our lovely "pets" on Circle Way. I'll have to wrap the story up later after I get some school work done :)

Here is yet another excerpt. Please enjoy :) and remember, this is a first draft.

There was an old train open for passengers that traveled from Rusk to Palestine, Texas. I couldn’t have been more excited! What four-year-old doesn’t dream of riding on a real train? Even for a girl, this was going to be fun. Paw, Dad, Kelsey, our cousin Travis, and I all boarded.
            Well, it was pretty neat. But as the drive went on and on I began to grow weary. When would it end?
            We had my window opened and I just rested my head on the windowsill, enjoying the fresh air and the smell of all the pine trees as it passed me by. I suppose the burst of fresh air and the excitement from that morning put me right to sleep. I was snoozing in the window in just a few minutes.
            Meanwhile, Kelsey is sitting across from me, her heart sunk from worry. The windows gonna fall, the windows gonna fall…
            Finally, she couldn’t contain herself.
            “Mary!” she said, and shook me. “Wake up!”
            I was startled awake and mad as all get-out. “Kelsey!” I shouted, extremely upset. “Don’t you ever wake me up if I’m asleep on a train again!”
            Little did I know she was simply concerned for my life.

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