Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 6 (& another excerpt!)

I can't believe I've managed to blog every day of NaNo up to this point... I wonder how long that will last, haha!

Anyways... today's stats:

Word goal for today: 10,000 words
Total words written: 10,883
Words ahead: 883
10,000th word: Africa (talking about my Dad's mission trip!)

I got through to April 1998 today. Tomorrow, Colleen is going to be born and Dad is going to get Malaria ;)

And, I talked a girl I know into trying NaNoWriMo. I told her it wasn't too late to join in this year (lol!) but she's going to opt to try it sometime next year if she goes for it. I told her maybe she and I could try a different month than November and do it earlier in the year together. We'll see...

Another excerpt was requested so here is a short one from Chapter 5: 1998 --

Mom records January 6, 1998 as a day where Kelsey and I played “Mary and Joseph” all morning. She said the piano bench was our donkey. I guess the Christmas story was still fresh in our minds and we didn’t want the festivities to stop.
            Apparently we had just purchased two fish the day before. When Kelsey and I finally took a break from playing to go into our room and check on our new pets, they were both dead.
            One of them was floating on top, upside down. The other one had sunk to the bottom.
            Kelsey exclaimed, “We better call the pound, quick!”
            Mom tried to explain that they could probably handle this type of thing without the pound getting involved.
            Kelsey said, “Well, Jessica just flushes them down the toilet when her fish die.”
            Mom didn’t think this was such a bad idea.
            I remember Dad later that day taking the fish bowl into the bathroom and flushing our two little goldfish down the toilet. It was rather dramatic to see the little gold things swirling around the toilet and then watching them disappear. But to be honest, I thought they were going off to a better place. I thought they were heading to a pond somewhere and would be revived and alive as soon as they got there.
            I guess I didn’t realize they were dead. 

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