Sunday, November 4, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 4

Well, with the time change, I didn't end up waking up at the proper time to write this morning. Darn alarm clocks! But hey, I got my words in. Here's the stats for today:

Word count goal for today: 6,667 words
6,667th word: apple
Total words written to date: 7,410
Words over word count: 743

Hoping to write about 3,000 words tomorrow if I can get on a roll!

I was writing about a seriously tough situation we went through early in 1997. I don't remember it, really, but reading about it through my mom's perspective was heart breaking. Brought tears to my eyes. I only hope my writing did it justice.

Until tomorrow...


  1. Mary Kate -- you are so special!! I love you!

  2. Very sad. I'm sure you captured it perfectly.

  3. Mary Kate your the best! You are a wonderful friend and God Bless You! It was sad, but you made it through!! Thank you, Jesus!


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